About Us

A little bit about us. Cheryl has been making candles since 1999 and Candy started in 2004 making candles. Cheryl ended up starting Soaps, Balm, Lotions and other Bath & Body products after her oldest grandson was born. He had a nasty looking sore on his sholder and the doctors kept doing testing and scrapes on it, and it kept festering up and popping open with puss coming out of it. This had been going on since before he was a month old. Finally the doctors and specialist said he had a servere case of eczema. Her daughter went to get the medicine thinking the insurance would cover it and it did not. Cheryl was already looking and researching eczema and the what can be done, and she ended up making him a special soap & balm. Her daughter started washing her son with the soap and applying the balm daily, and it healed up. Every other day now,  she bathes him with the soap just to make sure he has no more problems and she makes sure to have the balm on hand. After creating the soap and balm she named it Hunter's Neem Oil after her grandson. Candy would come and help when she was in town (which was not often enough for the 2 sisters) and then her and her husband moved to the same city Cheryl lives in. They decided with everything they have researched and learned, decided instead of having 2 seperate companies to combine and that is how CnC Gifts 1 came to be.

We make soaps with Distilled Water (when requested), Aloe Vera Juice, Goat Milk, Buttermilk & Coconut Milk for our Vegan Customers. If you are allergic to certain items, then please let us know. We do have some oils that come from nuts and it is not very often that we use them, but if you need to know exactly what is in a product before hand send us a email and we will send you the list of what was used. 

If there is a special soap or anything that you can think of then please let us know. We are still expanding and we are hoping to have a make up line added sometime in the near future. 

Thank you for your support of a small family business. If it is not for YOU then there would not be a US.

Thank you,
Cheryl & Candy